Snow Leopard?

It looks like snow leopard is hitting the streets on Friday and I was wondering if anyone has tried running Ardour on a developer copy? It looks, at least to my untrained eye, that Apple has done some work under the hood of the os. Personally I am still running tiger, but was looking to upgrade on this go around.

Ardour 2.8.2 runs without noticeable problems on Snow Leopard AFAICS. Concerning JackOSX, the new 0.83 version for SL is in beta.

Loop here for more info:

I did some quick tests today on a friend’s development copy, and Ardour 2.8.2 started up just fine. Jack >kind of< did. Jack doesn’t show up as a device in System Prefs or AudioMidiSetup right now… but Ardour found it just fine.
Paul - I’ll try to find you on chat tomorrow to give you more details…

Hmm sounds like the Jack CoreAudio driver needs to be updated then. Probably not a huge deal, but above my level of programming;)



The cheap upgrade price is only for upgrading from Leopard. Otherwise I think you have to buy the box set.

But yes I will also be upgrading to Snow Leopard once I get back to Richmond from Santa Fe.

To my knowledge, there is no reason that Ardour won’t work on Snow Leopard out of the box to be honest, but I haven’t tested it yet.


Nobody who works on ardour development has snow leopard at this point (to the best of my knowledge). I plan to upgrade from Tiger because Snow Leopard will permit better debugging tools to be used. Its even cheap enough that I might be able to afford it!