Snapshots, how to delete

Hi. I’m wondering how to delete the old snapshots which are not longer needed. Tha’s just for having some order in the starter menu, and clear up the mess with snapshots names in my session. I see there’s no option for deleting them within Ardour, so I’d like to know which files are exactly the snapshot files, so that I can delete them manually. I don’t want to erase the wrong files and ruin my entire session.
Thanks guys.

In Edit view, SHIFT+L to make visible the Editor lists on the right (I assume they are not), then choose the “snapshots” tab. Right-click on the snapshot’s name and click delete. The Ardour Manual

(I am not in front of my computer, but more or less it should be like that.)

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Hi. Yes, I’ve tried that, but when I right-click on the spot, displays a small sub-menu with the two options (rename and delete) inactive. I attach a screenshot.Screenshot_2021-09-23_17-13-24

Are you trying to delete the active snapshot?
Try to right-click the other one without first left-clicking it (I hope it is clear).

The same result. I have the version 6.9.0, the last release of the program, downloaded directly from the official web site.

That’s why I’m trying to delete the files manually, but first I have to be sure which ones are the files to erase.

Here it works. Ardour last version from the site.

Screenshot from 2021-09-23 20-55-55

I guess you could simply delete (or just move out of the way) the *.ardour files in your session folder that are named like the snapshots you want to delete, and see what happens.

At this point I personally would wait until one of the developers chime in. It looks like something is wrong in your setup (maybe check file permissions? Just a wild guess).

I’ve had this problem in the past with sessions created by older Ardour versions. I think Ardour doesn’t want to delete a snapshot created by a former version.

Deleting the session file (or at least, moving it away first, to be safe) would work but that would not delete the associated resources (WAV and MIDI files), so you’ll have to clean up the session afterwards.


Ok. It may be the reason. The session, and the snapshots, were originally created on Ardour 6.7.0… What is more, on a differente PC. I’ll try and create a new snapshot and see if it works with it.

The condition is

modification_allowed = (_session->snap_name() != snapshot_name && _session->name() != snapshot_name);

In other words, you can NOT delete the snapshot if either of the following conditions are met

  • it is the currently loaded snapshot
  • it is the main initial session (same name as the folder the session resides in)

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