Snapshots cleanup behaviour

I am recording a series of songs for the same artist. He sent me pre-recorded tracks of drums, piano and click, for me to add bass.

In Ardour 3.5 I used create snapshot named “Song 1”, import backing tracks, record mine and then save a new snaphsot named “Song 2”, delete every region from previous song, then import new ones, record my bass, save a new snapshot, and so on…

Now in A4 it seems like if I delete regions in a snapshot, then flush the wastebasket, they get removed even in the other snapshots…

Basically the old behaviour of deleting regions was on a per-snapshot basis, now it loks like it is on a per-session basis…

Am I right? Is it intended to work like this, or there’s a setting I can tweak to avoid this problem??

Thank you.

Cleanup has operated across all snapshots for several years, long before 3.5. It has to be that way, because otherwise you may reference a source file in one snapshot that isn’t present in another; cleaning up the second snapshot should not invalidate the first by deleting the source file.

However, you seem to be describing something different. You need to describe precisely what you are doing, and precisely what happens.

Sorry for my english, I’m Italian.

This is what I did… I create a new session, import audio files copying them into the session folder, record some new material… Then I create a snapshot and switch to the new snapshot. I don’t need anything from previous song so I delete every region, although I leave tracks there… Now my editor window is empty, but still region list shows files from previous importing/recording, which I don’t need… I cleanup the session to have them removed from region list… I do new import/recording on the new snapshot with no problem, but then switching back to previous snapshot, Ardour cannot find files!!

I think this is awkward, and I’m sure it didn’t work that way before…

This is definitely a bug. I will investigate. May ask you to file a bug report if I confirm the behaviour.

Ok… I’ll try once again before filing a bug report, but I’m pretty sure of what happened.

Hey Paul… I gave it another try and I can confirm that it works exactly like I described in my previous posts. “Cleanup unused source”, removes files used in other snapshots, making them inconsistent.

Yup, I have had this issue too, about 2 months ago. Mantis seems to be currently offline.


Mantis seems to be up here?


Mantis isn’t working here. Error message:
SYSTEM WARNING: ‘mysql_connect(): Access denied for user ‘ardour’@‘’ (using password: xxxxx)’ in ‘/home/las/’ line 365

@jrigg yep seems to be down now… fun. Ill see if I can ping paul tomorrow if he doesn’t see this before then.


FYI the Mantis issue is known, and an issue with the host that Paul has been attempting to get fixed, multiple times over. Sorry for the problems.


Bu posted on Bug Tracker:

So, as of today, there seems to be no activity on this.
For people unaware of this issue this can be a serious database corruption problem.
I checked with the online manual - could not find a warning in the clean-up section (did I inspect the most recent version?)
I think at least people trying to make money for living with Ardour should know about this - in advance.
Don’t know how to edit the manual myself, nor is my English good enough…

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