Snapshots - call them as needed in timeline

So as the title suggests, is it possible to recall snapshots at certain points in the timeline.

I have a project that is 1 continuous recording containing 5 seperate songs (live multitrack recordings)…

I know i can create snapshots which would relate to each song. But if i export its obviously only use the loaded snapshot for the whole project.

I know that i could use automation, but that seems like a way more complicated way of doing what i want to do, when all i really want to do is is have a set starting point for each song, then use automation for adjusting the things that need done on the fly.

As its a live recording there are some things that need to be changed that trying to do it on the fly recording animation could result in hours of work and still mess it up.

It would be easier, to have it play on repeat adjusting things till theres a solid base mix, do any automation needed then save snapshot, and have it set at a time on the timeline to load.

or is there another way of doing this

the current notion of “snapshots” in ardour are entire versions of a session, not a set of values related to specific settings that could be loaded or otherwise switched to at a given point on the timeline.

thtas what i thought, i’ll just export each track 1 at a time with the correct snapshot loaded. I have range markers marking each track so i can export them 1 at a time