snapshot file

hallo, i don’t know how to open sound files, since ardour always comes up with “blabla.aiff” is not an ardour snapshot file, and cannot be opened.
can anybody help?

Ardour doesn’t open single audio files, it always operates on it’s own sessions.

To open an existing sound file on disk, you need to open or create a new a session where you want to use that file. To do this, you can do one of the following:

  1. In Linux, you can drag the wave file from a file browser to a track or on the empty canvas to either add it as a region or create a new track for that file. (This does not work on OS X due to bad design by apple regarding X11 integration)
  2. You can use the Session->Add Existing Audio submenu to add files.
  3. Right clicking on the region list on the right of the canvas to open the import dialog.