Snapped cursor disappeared!

Hello! I have been using Ardour under my current installation of Debian (bullseye) for some months, when today after i start the program and open an ongoing project to edit, i get no “snapped cursor” in the edit view.
As in no blue cursor to indicate to where, say, a pasted clip will be snapped from my current cursor position.

I have unchecked and rechecked the “show snapped cursor” option in preferences to no effect, restarted the program and done the same, upgraded the software on my system and rebooted, again to no effect.

Please help me! 8^0 i am at a loss as to what to do abt this and without the snapped cursor i am unable to edit my recordings with any precision!
Thank you!
Also over all so grateful for the awesome software that Ardour is!

You mean by blue cursor that vertical line that’s hoovering with the mouse?
If you have your edit point not on “mouse” (see picture) then this blue line is not there.

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yes! thank you coenplanetc! this solved the issue! 8^D

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