Snap to zero crossing ??

Hello All,

I have just converted to Ardour and I really enjoy the software though I am finding the learning curve a little steep.

I do a lot of audio cutting and was wondering if there is an easy way to have Ardour automatically jump to the next zero crossing in an active track or region and then either make a cut or place a marker at that exact point.



Maybe something lika a ‘snap to zero’ modifier while dragging the size of a audio region?

I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think this is currently possible in Ardour2.


One thing to realize about “snap to zero crossing” is that it does not preclude a click. Just because the sample value at that point is zero, does not mean that the slope of the line is zero. If you concatenate two pieces of audio at their “zero crossing” points you are still creating a discontinuity in the signal’s slope, which can be heard in some cases. The correct way to transition between two regions is a “short crossfade” of the type that is already implemented in Ardour. The fade will guarantee that the end of the region has near-zero level AND slope, and will sound a lot better.

This type of cutting was used in the old days when crossfades were too expensive, but it’s really not needed now. (if I am wrong here please feel free to correct me)


are you talking about duplicating an object in a track and having it snap next to the end of it? if so, just right click on the object and choose edit > duplicate.

hth, Nick Humphrey