smoother waveforms

would it be possible to implement antialiasing of the waveforms? i’m thinking of something similar to the look of jokosher’s waves (jokosher is using cairo, which i thought i read somewhere that ardour would too).

i saw audun’s screenshot in the midi thread showing the new outlined waveforms, and i think they go a long way towards improving the look, but if there was an optional antialias setting i think it would make ardour look a lot more classy.


sorry, i totally disagree. jokosher’s waveforms look like toys to me.

cairo is going on already inside GTK, but not on the canvas. that will require a new canvas, which we have wanted for a long time but the right candidate has not yet emerged.

Yes they do look rather un-useful in practice. I am not 100% for the new waveforms either and hope that the classic waveforms will be made available as an option.

sorry, i didn’t mean to copy jokosher’s look, just trying to say an example of an app using cairo for the wave viewing. anyway, as i said, it is only a minor thing to me anyway, so not worth worrying about until the new canvas at least.


Hi, greatest program!!!

I’m completely agree with “lincoln”.