Smooth mixing with non motorised faders?

Hi All,

Over the years I’ve gotten used to mixing with the Behringer BCF2000… I’ve never really been happy with how rough and noisy it is, but it did the trick.

However, as I now have an A&H Zed R-16, the BCF doesn’t sit in a great spot, the ZED R-16 is in the perfect spot. I also have a novation sl zero mk ii … and I’ll probably complement the A&H with the buttons, encoders e.t.c… on that one, although it is primarily used to control synths and effects units now.

The A&H offers up to 20 faders (the channel faders can be switched out to be MIDI faders). Most of my projects are 20 channels or less.

Although I understand with a non-motorised fader, Ardour will not change the mixer until I pass through the existing point, I’m concerned about lining things up for detailed editing… (i.e. listen back to automation, decide an area needs fixing… scroll to that point, then redo the fader movements)…

Is there some trick to this or just simply practice and get good at it (like everything)




No trick to it really sorry, it sucks mixing on non-motorized faders for that reason.

Imagine mixing on a console like that live, it gets that much worse:)


Thanks seablade…
Yep… I’m getting rid of the BCF…Replacing with a BCR as a dedicated controller for my DSI Tetra…
It looks like I may create a controller map for my Livid base… Not automated as such, but it has touch faders with LED’s for positional feedback… Not quite as good as motorised… but probably better than the other options I have.