Small & short but nice piano piece


Nothing special over here but a nice and kind of relaxing small piece I wrote and recorded for a movie 2 weeks ago. The piano is detuned, a lot of noise in the background and I didn't play too well. But it really somehow relaxes me a lot :) Enjoy!

Nicely done. I’d like to see the score, I think the piece would be a good performance choice for an intermediate-level student.

More, please. :slight_smile:



why do some people’s links work?

Thanks for the kind words but I don’t have a score for this… Just in my head :slight_smile:
The other thing… I don’t know… Another try:

@macinnisrr: i edit posts i see that have links so that they become active. its a bit arbitrary, but its the best i can do in the face of the “no links in forum posts” policy that I adopted a while back.