Small GUI niggle with Ardour

I’m not sure if it’s a problem with my system but I’ve had trouble with the Ardour splash screen obscuring the initial dialogs. I can alt-tab to the window under it but it can be very confusing. I’m running xfce4.16

Happened with both Ardour 6 and now the latest binary 7.0 download.

Small potatoes, but niggling.


Ardour > Preferences > Appearance > Quirks > Show/Hide splash screen instead of setting z-axis stack order

This is enabled in Arodur 7 by default, but if you have copied preferences from version version 6, this can still be an issue on some window-managers that do not properly implement spec.

PS. you can also start Ardour7 --no-splash from a terminal

Thanks heaps!
I’m embarrassed to have been putting up with that for so long!

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