Small gui-change suggestion

If I open the settings for a standard ardour plugin with the regular plugin gui, I can move a few “drawbars” and toggle some other settings.

If I toggle a setting, it will likely change color to indicate the status of that toggle but the change is only visible if I move my mouse away from the toggle.

I think that is a bad way to handle the color.

My opinion is that the color should be showing the correct status regardless mouse hovering or not.


Btw. I’m using A3 Beta1 under xbuntu 11.10

@ahellquist: most “stateful” buttons in ardour3 have been reimplemented entirely to tackle this problem, which is a design flaw in the GUI toolkit we use. However, not all of them. The remaining ones will transition over before we get to 3.0.

@paul: I noticed that some buttons were changed and I’m glad the rest will follow.
I’m eagerly following the new betas and will most likely suggest something more in the near future.

Tanks for your hard work !