Sluggish when muting track and zooming.

Hi all, just upgraded to 2.8.5 and encountered what might be a bug. I need some feedback before I post on bugtracker.

Here’s how to recreate:

Open up a previously saved session:

Mute a track and hit Ctrl+Mouse Wheel to zoom and suddenly Ardour becomes sluggish and firing an unstoppable array of xruns. his is fixed once the mute button is pressed again to unmute. Does this apply to someone else?


Ok, not so much with the zoom, actually is just one track that does this. Just muting it is what creates this odd behaviour firing the processor at 100%

AMD Athlon 64
Jack version is 0.116.2

Please help me test to see if any of you guys get this also.

Culprit found:

Invada Meter, when active renders the whole system down. Before it was working really nice. Hope no other important INVADA plugins cause this behaviour :frowning:

Will keep testing, might have to go back to 2.8.4

Hmm I don’t think anything changed in LV2 handling.