sluggish performance on Ubuntu


I noticed yesterday that my up-to-date build of Ardour 2.8.11 is very sluggish on my Ubuntu 10.04 desktop system. I recently did a software update, but I can’t say if anything in that update would have slowed Ardour’s response times. I can’t click the mouse quickly for zooms or other functions, Ardour will ignore some of the clicks until I’m very deliberate about the action.

My recordings were fine and JACK reported no xruns with my M-Audio Delta 66 hardware. It just seems like it takes Ardour longer to redraw anything. Also, when I moved a plugin window it left a “shadow” trail, as though the redraw couldn’t keep up with the movement until I stopped the drag.

Ubuntu 10.04, 32-bit
AMD64 3200 2.4 GHz CPU

I don’t recall this problem occurring before now on this machine. Can any other Ubuntu user advise where I might be missing something in either Ubuntu’s or Ardour’s configuration ?




Well I’m not a 'buntu user, but no replies yet so the Acoms Razor approach which I’m sure with your experience was applied before you posted here, but in any case…

Recent kernel update? or proprietary video drivers update? or perhaps Compiz update? Was Ardour self compiled or a distribution package? If self compiled have you compared a distro supplied binary?

@DavePhillips: i would suggest running with strace -f so that you can get an idea of where its stopping/slowing during startup.

I’m using 10.10 with a self compiled Ardour, but other than that my DAW is identical (apart from soundcard). No issues here. On the other hand, my tracking PC is a p3 2.6ghz with 1.5GB RAM and a Delta 1010LT, and that system is on 10.04, but I also don’t notice the issues you’re describing on that either.

Hi G,

No kernel update, still using Ubuntu’s 2.6.31-11-rt. On my laptop the same system doesn’t show this problem.

No driver updates at all, proprietary or otherwise.

Compiz is a big fat NO-NO on my boxes. :slight_smile:

Ardour is always locally compiled here.

Perhaps it’s a GNOME problem ? Anyway, I’ll try Paul’s advice and run strace to see if I can figure out what’s happening.

Thanks for the replies, guys !



I’d say Compiz or any 3D accelerated WM is a good thing (unless potentially binary drivers are buggy) since it offloads the graphics to the GPU and frees up the CPU handle the audio.

I learn something new again. Thanks, peder. I checked out Compiz, it’s nice, and it does it make things faster, but the problem is still there. I’ve been on #ardour and asked about other possible solutions. Still working on it.

I decided to simply reinstall Ubuntu 10.04. I’m putting the final touches to it, I’ve rebuilt A2 and A3, the problem is gone. The GUI keeps up with my mouse clicks without delays.

Sorry for the noise.