Slower/Faster .wav files

Hello all. Well my problem is that when I put my .wav files into the project I get a popup box saying something about the sample rate not matching. I just press ignore and then when I go to play the project it is either slower or faster than it is supposed to be. Do I need to change the sample rate or something? If so, how would I do this?

Also can I only use .wav files? I tried .flac .ogg .mp3 and none worked.

One more thing, does ardour have a tap tempo feature like nuendo?

Thanks in advance.

well, after doing some looking around I found out that I could run a terminal command to convert sample rate. (sox OrigSoundFile.wav -r 48000 correctedNewfile.wav rate) I was planning on making a .sh file that I could run to convert a .wav file. I haven’t done that yet so I think that I will check out rezound first so that I can hopefully replace my current audio converter.

I want to use the tap tempo to find the bpm of a file that I do not know the bpm.

edit: Just downloaded rezound and it works great for resampling my .wav files but I still have to use sound converter to change .mp3 to .wav. Is there a plugin that I can use to open .mp3 files with rezound?

you will need to resample files externally (with another program) to match the project’s sample rate before importing. Depending on your platform there are different ways of doing that. And yes, you can’t import MP3/ogg/flac either, need to decode that into a WAV first. A gui program to do all this with linux is “rezound”. The quicker way to do it if you’re that way inclined is of coures a command line tool, debian-esqe distributions have the “resample” package with tools to do this. for de

as for tapping the tempo, the only thing i can think of is the “rhythm ferret” tool but don’t ask me how/if it works at all, i don’t know. Give it a spin, and ask the dudes on IRC if you get stuck.

Well, don’t press Ignore. AFAIR Ardour offers to resample the files. If all youre files have a particular sample rate, you should run the whole project with that rate, though.

Ardour can’t import flac, mp3 or ogg and doesn’t have a tap tempo feature.

regarding tap tempo, ardour may have something better depending on what you actually want to do. how do you want to use tap tempo? (i know you may think its obvious, but there are actually several different ways to use it and goals to use it with) …

On a terminal, you could do:

for f in find ./* -name '*.mp3'; do mplayer -ao pcm $f -ao pcm:file=basename $f .mp3.wav; done;

to convert all MP3s in the current directory and sub-directories to WAV.

A bit simpler, for files in current directory:
for f in *.mp3; do mplayer -ao pcm $f -ao pcm:file=basename $f .mp3.wav; done;

Oh, and resampling can be done with:
sndfile-resample -to 48000 in.wav out.wav