Slow operations on markers

When editing audio, I really like markers and regions, and I use them a lot. I keep the side tab open most of the time, and use it to navigate around my session.

I currently have about 30 regions and about 120 markers in my session. I noticed that once the number of markers started to grow, certain operations became slower. That started with opening the side tab with the list of markers. The first time I’d do that, Ardour would take its time, while the desktop would say that Ardour is not responding, and would give me the kill-or-wait option. I just click “wait” and twiddle my thumbs until the list of markers appears. After that Ardour (8.1) is fast with jumping around the session, but it’s slow when adding a marker, and even slower when removing it.

I’m not really ready to file a bug about it, because I don’t have any technical information yet, except for the Ardour version and the number of markers.

This slowness keeps bothering me and I’d like to try to do something about it, and I’m looking for some suggestions how to best go about it. Should I download some sort of a development version of Ardour that allows profiling, and save some profiles?

Or is there a way to add a few unit tests that add a few hundred markers and demonstrate the issue?

Or use Lua scripting to write something that reproduces the problem?

Or something else entirely?

One thing that I would like to avoid is doing nothing, because this slowness gets in my way.

Create some random session that exhibits the behavior. Then use Session > Archive to create an archive of it. File a bug report at (we continue to regret that this requires a separate login), and attach the archive to your report.

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Thanks, Paul. I created 0009568: Slow operations on markers - MantisBT with an attached archive. I couldn’t reproduce the issue by creating a new session and tapping TAB 120 times – something else must be going on. I removed audio from my session and exported it, then imported and checked that it still reproduces the issue.

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