Slow editor performance in 7.2 M1

I mainly use mixbus and with their new update 8.2 all of a sudden the editor section is slow when scrolling and zooming in and out off audio regions, and I saw that I have the same issue on ardour 7.2.
when I turn off the alpha range I think its called and when the audio regions disappear the performance is back again but even if I slightly turn it on and the audio regions are like a ghost the performance is bad again.

Is ardour aware of this issue?

I have seen it mentioned on the forums, but I am not the one that needs to know. It should be logged in Mantis ( if it isn’t already, as it is likely to get lost here.

I haven’t seen it yet but I don’t remember if I have worked on a project since Mixbus 8.2 was released and don’t remember if I ever adjusted the alpha or not.


I submitted a report here

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