Slow down playback

Just like here: OLA LEARNS CHILDREN OF BODOM - Are you Dead Yet - YouTube

Can you hear it? Slow but smooth playback, no gaps, no weird artifacts, just a plain beauty.
This is not only Logic Pro feature, I’m pretty sure Ableton Live can do the same (as seen many times in Paul Davids videos). It’s a great tool for practice and learning stuff. I miss it so much.
Please, please, please… :slight_smile:

Is this about slowing down/speeding up playback while retaining pitch?

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If you’re just looking for a great practice tool, I use:

In the browser, sounds great, works great. I use it every day. You can save it locally and use it off-line as well.

or StretchPlayer — Audio player with time stretch and pitch shift (packaged for almost all GNU/Linux distros)

Ardour can vari-speed (also during recording), see the “VS” (varispeed) button below the transport-controls; but the pitch changes when doing so.

To correct for this, you could load a plugin on the master-bus, e.g.

However the currently is no high-quality free/libre pitch-shift library. While the Rubber Band Audio Time Stretcher Library is not bad, it cannot hold a candle to zplane - Elastique, which most proprietary DAWs rely on.

Transcribe! is the standard … it’s not free but very cheap (35€ IIRC) and it’s lifelong, you don’t pay for updates.

Hi, thanks for the replies. I know how varispeed works in Ardour. I miss the pitch preserve function and percentage values apart from semitones and cents. Also, the sound quality is far from good. It’s nasty, to be honest.

The x42 pitch preserve plugin does not work in 7.0 pre, but I’m not complaining, as this is not stable yet.

It works just fine here in Ardour 7 (just tested in 7.0-pre0-2769). What is the problem?

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