Slow down audio track

Hello, is it possible to slow down a part of an audio track without stretching it? Like you can do it in Transcribe for example.

How would that work?

If you you play it more slowly it takes longer.
It is impossible to slow things down without stretching time.

Thanks for the answer. For example, I want to slow down just one part of the audio track so that I can hear the sounds of a fast song better. Just to hear it.

Use the time stretch tool?:

You can always undo after listening to return to the proper speed.

EDIT: I also found StretchPlayer if you want a simple way to achieve your goal outside of an Ardour session. It hasn’t been updated since 2010 but I assume it still works.

If you indeed want to transcribe songs, and since you know the software Transcribe! already: this is to my opinion the gold standard for the task, available on all platforms. The EQ and ‘karaoke’ functions are very useful in addition to slow down, to quickly isolate what you are interested in.

It is not free, but you get indefinite updates without charge (so it seems, I use it for six years). I can totally recommend it, the guy who makes it is also very responsive.

@bachstudies "Use the time stretch tool?:

You can always undo after listening to return to the proper speed."

Yes, i think this is the fastest way. Thank you!

@Oliver_Grimm I will not transcibe songs, for that i use transcribe. But sometimes when i’m mixing, i would like to hear the audio track slowly. I thought, maybe is there a fast way to do this in ardour.
Thank you for help

You can use the vari-speed dial, but that will also lower the pitch.

to counterbalance this, you could add the following plugin to the master-bus:

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…so I was hoping in vain to help sell another license of this great tool! Good you have it already.

@x42 I have ardour in german and i can’t find this vari-speed dial. Where can i find it? Thank you

Now i found it. Thank you so much!

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