Slow disk dusing export

While exporting a CD project I ran into the dreaded “disk can’t keep up” problem.
The project is hosted on an NFS disk, so it is rightfull to consider this a slow disk (even though it is a gigabit connection to a fast NAS). And I can imagine why it is important for recording and playback that the disk can keep up with the data flow.

But for exporting, there’s nothing real-time. Reading sound data, process it, and write it back to disk. This can equally well be IO-bound as CPU/DSP bound. So why the “disk can’t keep up” in this case?

Not complaining, just curious…

Maybe the default freewheeling export is hard coded to expect a minimum read rate from the disk.
Does a realtime export fail as well?

There are people around here that can answer this question :slight_smile: .
And yes, even in real-time export ardour thinks the disk’s too slow.

Interesting update: It only seems to happen when I export CD format (red book, toc, cue). Recoding? All input source are already 44.1kHz…

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