Slow/choppy on region split

I’m working on a project right now that has undergone a couple of changes in arrangement. Because of this, I have a few places where I split a track into two regions to leave a silent space in that track instead of drawing envelopes. It seems if you have a few tracks “cut” in this way at once, the system becomes slow and choppy on playback, and significantly slower through these sections on export.

I’m not sure if this is a huge issue or not, I can work around it, but just wanted to mention it in case the devs were not aware, or if someone can explain to me that I’m just an idiot.

What version of Ardour? And I know its hard, but a more precise definition than “slow and choppy” might help…

version - 2.3 rev 3029

by slow and choppy, I mean that playback slows down, with gaps between the audio. Sometimes, ardour would lose the connection to jack when this happened.

plugins on the track? many of them don’t like/understand silence.

Sorry about the time gap - I’ve just started messing with this session again.

There are a few plugins on the tracks, but not one indiviual plugin is giving the problem. It really farts out when there are 3 or 4 tracks split/cut-out. Why does this cause problems, but not if I draw gain automation to turn the volume down to -inf. I can do that, but splitting a region is much quicker to do in the first place and tweak later.

Does the split leave the resulting regions without fade outs and fade ins? If they are missing and you move / remove / add regions you might be creating a non-continuous wave by mistake.

Is a non-continuous wave a problem? If I send the output of one of these “sliced” tracks to a bus and add effects there, ardour has no problems, but if the effects are on that channel, I get hiccups.

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