Slightly OT : hdspmixer

I recently got a RME Multiface II and an RME QuadMic, to replace my Delta1010-LT. This system really rocks with ardour and worked sort of out of the box once you had loaded the hdsp firmware :wink: But I have some questions about hdspmixer :

when I want to reroute some signal in hdspmixer, say pcm1 to analog3, I check the new destination but I cannot uncheck the old destination (analog1 by default). So I end up having the sound signal in both analog channels. Furthermore, the only way I can come back to the original h/w routing state is to click on a preset button, I cannot manually uncheck routes for a given channel. This is very odd. Is this intentional ? according to the doc, hdspmixer should be a clone of the TotalMix app used by windows users. When I read the TotalMix doc, it seems to me that you should be able to check and uncheck routes for a given channel at any time. Any experienced user in the place to help me with this issue ?

I use hdspmixer with a 9652, and if I want to stop audio from being routed out of the deafults (1+2), then I pull the ‘playback’ faders down to zero, switch over the option to say outputs 7+8 and push the same faders back up to 0dbU. If you do that with pcm1 to analog3, then look to switch back to view the pcm1 options box, you will see that it is now unchecked. To save your setup the way you want it, hit the red save button, then the preset buttons will flash. Click whatever number you want it save under and that’s it. Then save the file as default.
If you want to know anymore feel free to ask.


hey! thanks. I will try that. So you need to pull the faders down to -inf before rerouting ? … ok, a bit odd but if that’s the way, I’ll do that.

Yeah, that’s how it works for me…there is no kind of on/off toggle with the selection box…weird I know.

Hi Solv,

I forgot to mention, I finally understood the “philosophy” of hdspmixer :slight_smile: There’s nothing weird, it’s just not a toggle on/off as one might think. When you check a route (toggle on), you have to set the fader to whatever value you want for that route. That’s as simple as this. The gain value for a route is therefore only valid for that particular route. By default (e.g. factory preset 1), all routes have gain = -inf for each input channel. So when you toggle on say AN1+2 for a given input chan, you then adjust the gain for that route. If you now check say Analog for the same input channel, the fader will be at -inf by default. Set it to something else, could be different from what you set for AN1+2, and you’re set. Bring it again to -inf, and route Analog becomes unchecked. So it means you can toggle on all possible routes for a given input channel and set a different gain value for each of them. That’s actually very smart and simple once you understand that :slight_smile:

On a parallel note, that’s a very nice piece of hardware! I got the QuadMic with it and man, that’s perfect for my modest home-studio :slight_smile: