Slightly fancier fx routing

I wonder if it would be possible to expose the input and output ports of ladspa plugins from within their UI boxes, possibly as a configurable option from the options window?

The way I envisage this is by labeled dropdowns on the plugin UI windows, so that a dropdown list would default to the current input, and offer options such as “Audio 1-1:L” or “Guitar:Freeverb(#2):L”, etc.

This would (in principle) make possible things like gated reverb on a bus (the reverb audio through a gate with threshhold determined by the dry audio signal) which don’t seem to be achievable in the current model.

I’ve seen a proposal on the dev list for fully modular plugins, with a node/edge style interface, but I think a drop-down approach would be considerably less of a headache to program and possibly to use.

A couple of other cosmetic trifles: A variwidth mixer channel in editor/mixer mode would be nice, and also, when entering numeric values into the plugin UI, it seems an extra click is necessary, when the data entry box should really get focus immediately numeric entry mode is selected by doubleclicking the control.

Thanks for reading, and congrats on the new site!! Looking good!