Slide edit, splice edit and lock edit

Hi, what’s the difference between slide edit, splice edit and lock edit?

To begin with there’s a bug (even in 2.8.1) that if you run Ardour in any other language than english it’ll only operate in Slide mode regardless of the settings.

That said, Side is the standard an allows you to grab a piece of audio and move it around freely, horizontally and vertically with your left mouse button. Lock edit locks the sideways movement and only allows you to move up/down, but in both modes you can temporarily switch behaviour by using the middle (scroll wheel) button instead.
Splice flips the start of two adjacent pieces

Does this also have effect on other editing operations like splitting and selecting?

The only thing I’ve noticed is that if you’re in Splice mode, select a range, convert it to region in-place and delete it the remaining right part of the audio slides and connects with the left part.