Sleeping Sin - Melodic Metal

Hello everybody,

it’s been about a year that I posted this site before but a lot of changes were made and new recordings are online.


Everything is done with open source software.

Ardour 2.6-2.7 for recording/mixing
Hydrogen for drums
various LADSPA plugins

Hardware was pretty low end:
Drum samples from a Korg TR workstation and some other sources
Guitar was directly recorded via a Digitech RP350 multi FX
Vocal mic was a dynamic sennheiser for about 70€.

Hope you like it anyway :slight_smile:

I like it, I think the drums sound reasonably realistic. I would try double-tracking the lead guitars as well (I think you did it to the rhythm gtrs) for a fuller, more integrated sound, maybe make them sound a little less dry. I also think the vocals should be slightly deeper in the mix (and maybe slightly crisper, motown style exciter maybe - to make up for the use of a dynamic mic?).

I like the style and the songwriting. I also like the vox a lot :). Excellent work.