Sleeping Sin - Melodic Metal


I have just finishedm first two songs from our new demo CD.


It’s all done with free and open source software:

-Hydrogen for drums(samples taken from Roland RD-700 piano)
-GuitarSuite JCM900 and Tubescreamer plugins for guitar
-various LADSPA plugins(Taps, Caps…)

Hope you like it. Your feedback is welcome!

Thanks for all this great software. Ardour rocks!


The tone of the guitar, and vocals are spot on, great work.
You can hear the room in the vocals, bedroom/bathroom sound, not necessarily desirable but not necessarily bad either, I still like it. You can tell the drums are sampled, but doesn’t hurt anything. Oh yea, did I mention I love the guitar tone? Keep it up.

happy to hear you like it.
the bathroom sounding reverb is a problem I encountered, too… but I can’t find some good sounding reverb for ardour. I used TAP reverberator with type “medium Room” for the voice and a time of 1,5seconds.

sorry… double post

On the TAP Reverberator page (scroll down a bit), 2.8 seconds is recommended for the Medium Room. These suggestions seem long for reverb times, but they seem to work.

Nice work mate!

We’ve just set up a linux workstation in our studio and its brilliant. We’re using it alongside mac and windows. Magic.