I’m trying to record Skype for use with a podcast I’m doing. I’ve had some success using Skype Call Recorder, but things would be easier if it went directly intro Ardour. Any ideas?

I did some checking; Skype <a href=">supports both ALSA and OSS. I think I’m going to try this first, as one less computer means one less space heater churning out heat into an already hot room.

if skype can use oss as an audio backend, you could always fire up oss2jack which creates permanent jack ports and fool oss apps into believing they deal with an oss layer. Skype would stream things to/from oss, which would in fact be jack. Problem is: skype has dropped oss support as far as I know (?)

None that are both good and easy.

The easiest way is to record the output of a different soundcard with the input of a sound card that Ardour is using.

There is no Jack support to Skype that I know of, and while you can use the jackplug for alsa, I have had mixed results with it.


OK, back to the “Analog Hole,” as oss2jack doesn’t want to compile. For anyone else who finds this thread with a similar problem, IHU (Google it) seems to be a good voip client with JACK functionality. I have yet to test it though.

Hmm interesting find, thanks. Hadn’t ever heard of IHU before.