Skype and Zoom + Ardour 6?

With the new Ardour 6 I’m wondering if there is a new perfect way of linking up audio so the person I am talking with can hear clearly what I’m playing in my Ardour session. I use Debian and have two interfaces both with just a stereo main output, I have managed to set one to be the output of Ardour, then connected to the input of the second one which would be the Skype/Zoom input, it has kind of worked but audio is not at its best quality. Fiddling around with “share computer audio” options has no effect.
I would appreciate any help, it could really improve the flow of the classes I give and receive :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi, I have done a different setup that has worked for me with Skype. I haven’t tried Zoom, but I guess it would be similar. The drawback of my approach is that I was using software monitoring with Ardour.

I have used Jack, PulseAudio/Jack sink and Ardour. If you have KXStudio repositories, you will probably have Cadence, which helps to trigger the PulseAudio/Jack sink, although there should be other ways of running it. More info about setups with PulseAudio and Jack:

Then if you open PulseAudio Volume Control (I think that’s the usual desktop name, or you can run in a console “pavucontrol”), you will see the PulseAudio/Jack sink as device. So, use that device for playback and recording with Skype.

The PulseAudio/Jack sink will have two outputs and two inputs. So, you can connect the sink’s outputs to hardware output where you have connected the speakers/headphones, and/or to Ardour stereo track, for recording or monitoring. Then, you can have in Ardour a bus of what you are going to send to Skype, which is disconnected from master and connected to the sink’s inputs.

Also, I think that you might need a bit of gain make-up in the bus you send to Skype, because usually the recording and mixing level is lower than the expected by this applications. So, if it does not reach a threshold they might discard the sound, or you can hear strange artifacts because of the compression, I guess.

I have just been in class and I’ve been presented a really cool solution via web browser:

The thing is having tried Skype, zoom, google meet… everyone of them streams audio with some kind of processing, compression, etc, this other site on the contrary is oriented at streaming high quality audio, and the web browser solution is free. Then you have other payed features but for what I wanted this is perfect, I again connected my two interfaces as I explained in my first post, but this time the audio reached the other person only touched by internet signal, still very nice for a class and overall so much better than what I had before without any complex configuration.
Anyhow thanks for your time @agus.terol, I will have your setup bookmarked for future setups.

It’s nice you found a way to solve your problems. After all, software is a tool for getting the job done :slight_smile:

Also, note the setup I described works with every software that uses PulseAudio. So, if you like to try things, you can mix all together with that webpage. Then, with Jack’s flexibility you can do a lot of cool things. I already mentioned recording and monitoring with Ardour, but you could also load standalone plugins and route them to the browser, so you can play some cool synths in your meetings and impress the audience :smiley:

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