Skjaldmær (Shieldmaiden)

Hi all,

I just posted a new track on SoundCloud:

I tried to mix a few different genres, like folk/pagan, viking metal and a bit of Wagner too :grin: The main influence were my favourite band, Moonsorrow, who are not “viking”, but write amazingly epic composition on Finnish mythology and folklore, and whose style I always admired. Of course my attempt is much simpler, as their works often reach 20/30 minutes in length with many variations.

Hope you’ll enjoy it, and looking forward to your feedback!


Hi @lminiero,

I liked it. Definitely covered a lot of ground in one song! I really like the epic feel especially at the end with the full orchestra type swell and then smiled when did the short metal type ending… :slight_smile:

Nice! You had me with the birds! very epic :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening and for the kind words!