Skip to Beginning Prevents Playback

Hi folks,

I am new to Ardour and am slowly making my way through the documentation with a test project.
I have have come across a problem where if I press the Home key or the graphical button to skip to the beginning of the session it no longer skips to the beginning and I can no longer play the session with spacebar or graphical button. Thereafter, the only way I can play the session is if I manually move the playhead somewhere and then press the play button or spacebar.
This was not a problem before, so I supect that I have accidentally changed something somewhere, as opposed to it being a bug on my installation.
Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

I am using Ardour 8.4.0 on Debian 12 and I am a novice!

I have recently encountered the same problem. A workaround for me was to move the start marker slightly, as I could enable playback normally from any position except the exact start of the session.

The log file showed the following errors in my case, which may be related:

2024-04-11T16:25:08 [ERROR]: format_position: negative timecode position: -5
2024-04-11T16:25:09 [ERROR]: SndFileSource: could not seek to sample -5 within High%L.wav (No Error.)
2024-04-11T16:25:50 [ERROR]: AudioSource[High%L.wav]: peak read - cannot read 4096 samples at offset -5 of a75538366680 (Success)

The region referred to here was also displayed in the editor as yellow diagonal stripes when zoomed in far enough.

That should not happen.

Please join us on IRC ( or file a bug report and let us know when we can interact with you in realtime to determine what is causing that.