Skip Missing Files Permanently

I’ve intentionally deleted some tracks in an Ardour project, but I did it without Ardour knowing, and now every time I open the project it says I have missing files. I have to manually select “skip missing files” every time. Is there a way to have Ardour remove the already missing files?

It seems like the Session->Clean-up doesn’t seem to do this. Correct me if I’m wrong.


There’s no way to do this without removing the regions and playlists that reference the affected files. There’s no method to “remove regions and playlists that reference missing files”. Deleting files from a project outside of Ardour is a serious violation of the Ardour User Honor Code.

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Thanks for your comments regarding this. I can understand why it’s part of Ardour’s User Honor Code. Unfortunately I had to remove some files because they were crashing Ardour on startup. I think it has something to do with deleting a newly recorded track while Ardour hasn’t “caught up” on stopping. Changing my work-flow solves this issue (just don’t press delete so quickly after stopping the record).

Maybe this will help someone else.


This happens to me as well. And I have not deleted anything outside of Ardour, I did “remove unused” in the Regions bar. And session-> clean up is not resolving that. And what is missing is not something that I deleted very fast after recording… So I still don’t know what to do too.

We can’t assist with this via the web forums - too slow and unwieldy. We would like to understand how this happens, if possible, but that will require realtime and extended communication back and forth, with you having access to the affected computer system. We use IRC for that. See for information on that or just click on the “Support” tab at the upper right.