Simulating cross talk when mixing on headphones

I was looking up online and came across a website that was talking about the differences with mixing in headphones and long story short recommended a plugin that can simulate cross talk ad if your on studio monitors. But I’m wondering if there is any free open source plugins that can do this same thing.

i can suggest cans A B C D from free plugin: monitoring | Search Results | Airwindows

try Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP:Bauer stereophonic to binaural DSP

I think you misunderstood, the article was actually recommending that you can setup up the same thing yourself with just a couple of routing connections plus a delay plugin and an EQ plugin. You don’t need a specialized plugin, although that would be pretty convenient. A lot of portable music players and stand-alone headphone amps include that feature.

I find the title of that linked article (“Not many audio professionals know this fact…”) really depressing.
An op-amp based circuit to do the same thing was described in an article in the July 1977 Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, and that was an improvement of a passive technique described in the April 1961 Journal of the AES. Both are reprinted in the “Stereophonic Techniques” anthology available from the AES. If “not many audio professionals” really don’t know basic techniques which have been widely known for over 40 years then the audio profession is in worse shape than I thought.
Now if the title had been “Not many young audio hobbyists reading blogs know this fact” it wouldn’t be too depressing, so maybe I’ll just make some more coffee and try to convince myself that is what he meant.

Although not a low-cost solution, it’s worth noting that some interfaces support crosstalk for headphones; it was one of the criteria I used in choosing a DAC for my monitors and headphones (I ended up with the RME ADI-2, which is pretty much the same as their Pro model for studios, just missing inputs. It has a range of crosstalk settings.)

Which operating system platform are you on? I just searched for “headphone crossfeed plugin” on google and got a bunch of links.
This Sound-on-Sound article has a sidebar on crossfeed plugins:

If you are using Linux there is a library called bs2b (Bauer stereo to binaural) which has an ladspa plugin available.
I think someone already mentioned AirWindows Monitoring plugin, that is available for Linux and includes headphone crossfeed as just one of several features.
CanOpener Studio plugin does that on Windows and Mac, but since you mentioned open source I am assuming Linux is what you are using.

The Kokkini Zita monitoring application has a “headphone” button that will add crossfeed. It is a stand alone application, not a plugin, so you need to use jackd and route your outputs through that on the way to your analog outputs.

It’s been more than 15 minutes since this thread went up, so I’m half expecting Robin to pop up and say he added it to the Ardour monitor section in git head.

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I say!

You can load your favorite x-talk plugin to the monitor section already.

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i love posts where people intentionally skip reply which has the answer to the multiple questions already… OP included…
there is free plugin, multiplatform… win,mac,linux…
i give up :smiley:

Just because there is one answer, doesn’t mean it is the only correct answer. People can weigh in with other plugins that also work, and that they have used as well.


Oddly enough (considering how straightforward the dsp aspect is) there don’t seem to be many simple crossfeed plugins for Linux. The AirWindows plugin essentially duplicates the entire monitor section, as does the kokkini zita app.

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