"Simulacro: Razão" ARDOUR + Krita + Kdenlive

This is a 2008’s song finally recorded. I used different samples for drums, trying to simulate a “real” recorded one. Not sure it’s a good way, but… :slight_smile:
All recorded, edited, mixed and “mastered” with Ardour (“native” plugins). Illustrations with Krita and video with Kdenlive.

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Hi @Ric_Sensever,

I like it a lot. The drums sound good to me. Like all the song changes and the vocals. I think would like to hear more reverb/delay on main vocal line. Would add to it I think.

Great job!

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Thanks! Yes, I have a fear to use reverb/delay on my voice :slight_smile: Every time I try I think it’s stay worst… I never like the result of my voice anyway. That’s the hardest thing to me (to record and mix).

Think I’ve told you this before, but I think your voice is very good. Definitely should not be ashamed of it. Maybe I’ll sing on one of my songs one day to put things in perspective for you… :slight_smile:

:smiley: That’s was really gentle and funny!! Thanks!

So… I’m think here… There’s a lot of autoral creations in the forum. Why not we organize a “channel” or something to share this material and propagate the f***** amazing ARDOUR daw?

Parabens, de um conterraneo Brasileiro!


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Valeu Alex! Pois, estamos na luta. Também faz um som?

Nice one! Congratulations.

Maybe should ardour team promote this wonderfull daw by adding example songs theu like by putting them on a dedicated playlist made with… on the official ardour youtube channel?

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Just to be clear, there is zero chance of anyone associated with the project become curators. People make a lot of different music with Ardour … some of it I like and some I think is horrible. But my tastes are my own, and completely irrelevant in any objective sense. The same would be true for anyone else considering whether to “add to playlist” for a given piece.

You will not find a “made with Live” or “made with Reaper” playlist anywhere. I don’t believe there should be one for Ardour either.

Yes, Paul, it’s make sense. My mistake.

Ok thanks for the explanation :wink:

That makes sense by the way.

I may be too enthusiast about floss and ardour in particular :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the enthusiasm, sincerely.

Hi Ric, I’m going to reply in English so I don’t break any forum’s etiquette.

Yes, I do music professionally on a daily basis. I mostly do Soundtrack projects.
Keep doing your music, mate.