Simple Video Soundtrack compiled in 5.5

Hi there,

usually I work with lots of outboard equipment on producing music. This time, I had a different task: create a video with “what you have” from existing material plus some music… for my half-daytime job. I had a couple of DVDs with film material. A laptop with Kubuntu 14.04 with the kxStudio packages and my Sennheiser headphones I brought from home.

After my boss had watched zillions of hours of DVDs, she had written a longish list of nice scenes, I did a lot of avconv, some Ardour 5.5 and plenty of too-old-versioned Kdenlive and we ended up with a FLOSS-only production we could upload:

The music piece in the middle was licensed from Jamendo Pro, the other snippets were CC0-licensed from Freesound. While the thing in the middle went into the video 1:1, I did quite some EQing and “re-mastering” of the other sound parts, using x42 EQ and Calf Multiband Limiter, which are all available via kxStudio.

This might not be the most sophisticated artsy-fartsy stuff ever done with Ardour, but it shows that you can get a usable audio/video workstation basically for free when you’re on a budget (which we were for that little project). (In my other life as a “producer”, I am an Ardour subscriber.)