Simple question about Recording Volume in Ardour

My setup : Electric Guitar > Vamp2 (amp&effects modeling) > Scarlett 2i2 > Jack+Ardour+Ubuntu.
When I am not recording, the volume of the Guitar is perfect in Ardour : see Master Volume (green circle) on the screenshot.
But when I record, the volume drop significantly : see Track Volume (red circle) on the screenshot.

As a result the volume of the guitar is too low comparing to the Backing track while recording and the volume slider of the track can help a little for the export but not much…

How can I have the same Input Level in Master and in the recording tracks ?
I think everything is OK in the input chain and I can’t figure which Ardour setting makes the volume drop…
Any idea ?

There’s no volume drop, they are just different meter types.

The default master meter (K-20) shows the average level (RMS) and +20dB (relative to the peak-meters).

In the mixer window, right click on a meter, that allows to change the type. By default

  • tracks have a digital peak meter – show clipping & headroom while recording
  • master-bus has a K-20 meter – show loudness as perceived by humans when mixing

see also - you can also change defaults for new sessions in Preferences > Metering

Thanks for the info about the different meters. With the same scales, the levels before recording are OK.
But the main problem remains :
1/ I play the backing track and I set the earphones volume accordingly : OK
2/ Then I play the guitar and the level is close to the backing track : OK
3/ Then I start the recording and I ear that the guitar volume is way lower and the recorded track level is too low…

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