Simple... MIDI SUPPORT!!!!

Seems that with midi support. This would be exactly what I need in a sequencer for my linux OS.

Any chance of this happening soon?

If memory serves, the midi sequencer part of Ardour has been accepted as a Google summer of code project, as well as per-region plugins and serialized undo history, and a windows port.

Marc-Olivier Barre,
Kinoko en Orbite

untill midi support is there, using external apps for sequencing is an option. I’ve been experimenting with seq24 running next to ardour. it works quite well, although syncing still isn’t what it should be… when I use the ‘start’ button in seq4 both seq24 and ardour run fine, but using ardours start button only ardour starts running.

By using the ‘sync with jack’ option this works fine btw. it’s just that then the global varispeed (mmc fwd & rwd) on my bcf2000 won’t work…

For my part I work with MusE as far as sequencing is concerned. Syncing is also an issue for me… and using ardour as a master to control tempo is not yet an option (at least not if there are to much variations of speed, accelerando, ritardo and so on).

I raised the issue on the mailing list, on a post here, and in a feature request there… no replies.

If at the end of this SOC we get midi support in ardour, we’ll need these more advanced tempo features. A simple example :

You record one of your friends, he just plays with a “fluid” tempo, some fast passages, some slow passages, a lot of tempo variations… imagine you have ardour with midi support. You want to add a midi track on your friends recording (drums or anything). How to you make your drums tempo stick to his piece ? Not every one has a midi drumset…

Marc-Olivier Barre,
Kinoko en Orbite

Simple for you to ask on a forum for it perhaps. Not so simple for the guy who actually has to do it. Namely myself. :wink:

Communicating tempo changes properly over jack_transport apparently will require some changes to JACK. I certainly hope these will be considered soon, because a MIDI sequencer without a tempo map isn’t much fun for anything but disco music :slight_smile:

You’re the first one to make a statement about this tempo issue in ardour, I did post at least three messages in the forum (the main one being here), 1 in the mailing list (the message is here) and also a feature request (opened in april, still unassigned, and not even a comment --> see here)

I am happy to see someone noticing the fact that ardour with midi support (even without…) will be useless to musicians doing anything else than disco music.

What I’m trying to do here is request some comments, ideas, pros, cons, insults, porposals, anything… But ignoring this fact is just not cool. If you’ve read this post/bug report, please say so, even if you disagree, it IS interesting (do I even need to say this ?)

Marc-Olivier Barre,
Kinoko en Orbite

to the guy who spoke about adding some midi stuff to a prerecorded friend… do you know any way to do what you’re saying with other software? we’are speaking about computer, you can program it as much as you want but you’ll never be fluid even with the tempo variations…

I used to do tempo matching with cubase when I was still using it. It’s not like it’s impossible. Cubase had three ways to do this, which basically were three different ways of editing the master tempo track. Moving the bars around, tempo tapping and tempo autodetection. I am sure other software allow such things.

Moreover, I never said one shall not add midi support to ardour. Like many people, I realy want to see this feature added. I’m just pointing at a limit that will be there once it’s added -> tempo editing as it is in ardour has a big lack of usability

Marc-Olivier Barre,
Kinoko en Orbite

maybe the midi support is useless for you because of the tempo issues but we’are speaking about a software, it can’t be fluid, so if you play fluidly you can easily ignore the tempo and use it as you use it now. you cannot give us this reason to not develop midi support :slight_smile:
i make computer music and i’ve problems with muse, and seq24, while rosegarden is too big to go together with ardour, hydrogen and zyn, how can i do? :slight_smile:

to the guy who spoke about adding some midi stuff to a prerecorded friend… do you know any way to do what you’re saying with other software? we’are speaking about computer, you can program it as much as you want but you’ll never be fluid even with the tempo variations…

mmmm, i think it’s important to have MIDI in Ardour prior to start criticizm about it… i will be happy even if it just record and playback midi. but you can’t speak about problems of midi if we haven’t it yet… even just to take entusiasm up :slight_smile:

sorry for bad english, i’m italian and i speak “spaghetti-english”

Same here. If midi comes in I go out…(at least I stay with the latest version without)

Well, just don’t add a midi track then? And most certainly: stay away from those neat external controllers! :wink: (they use midi too, don’t they?)

I personally can’t wait until midi support is mature enough to completely point Cubase where the thrash bin is located…

I have a cool midi drumkit at home, and in the studio, I’d like to record the bassdrum & snare triggers too (in case I might need them)


Same here. If midi comes in I go out…(at least I stay with the latest version without)

It just adds to an already large codebase. And that codebase needs still a lot of work even without it. I fear it won’t get better because of it.

I fear it won’t get better because of it.
i still don’t see this as a reason to ‘jump ship’… if it gets worse, stay with the current version. if it does get better, or even remains the same, then move to the new version (even just to get new bug fixes). simple. saying you won’t use it just because the new version has a new feature you don’t want is just silly and comes across (to me) like a whinge.

personally, i can’t wait for the midi support to be finalised. i have just (again) tried rosegarden, muse, seq24 and lmms to do a simple composition and given up. NONE of them work even remotely the way i do. maybe ardour won’t either, but at least with audio it is the only software that has worked the way i think. i used to use logic on windows (before apple bought them out) and ardour is the only software that has kept me from breaking down and reinstalling it. it is only the lack of a good (to me, i know other people are happy with other solutions, and i’m glad of that) midi environment in linux that makes me frustrated.


ps. sorry if i came across a little strong, i am really frustrated with trying to use rosegarden to make even a simple composition.

pps. maybe someone here might know - there is an option in rosegarden to ‘turn repeats into copies’, but how do i make the f*#$ing repeats in the first place? in logic i used to just press ‘R’ and choose ‘aliases’ instead of copies. hopefully ardour’s midi support will eventually have something like this :slight_smile:

Umm… Sorry to poke a layer of thin ice, but how’s the MIDI-support implementation going on? Anything worth mentioning happening in that area? Just that, it would be awesome to hear at least something about the topic, been waiting for it so much. :slight_smile:

Ardour main difference with LMMS, MusE, RoseGarden, is sound managing, trying to make Ardour more like Cubase would be putting LMMS’s goals in Ardour’s…

Ardour should seek to have advantages, and be different from RoseGarden, LMMS and MusE at least, those are the 3 biggest sequencers for Linux (I’ll skip Audacity cross platform sound editor). Whats next people will ask Ardour to have a score writer like RoseGarden or the LMMS’s GUI?

I’m not against adding features to Ardour, but someone should make sure that he long term development keeps Ardour best in whats its good at: audio, audio edit for video editing,…

Adding midi is also an Audacity project, which is a sound editor, if everyone that wasnt a midi sequencer start becoming one… Every projects will become the same…

Originally MusE and Ardour were complementary, MusE for midi, Ardour for audio, but now MusE keeps going audio, and Ardour’s going midi, I think soon they’ll be the same…

Perhaps, should the projects become one…

excuse my ignorance, but i can’t find any info anywhere… what exactly is rosegarden’s ‘partition editor’?

To make a segment repeat in Rosegarden, just select it and then check the Repeat checkbox in the segment parameter box (over on the left of the main window).

If for some reason the segment parameter box isn’t visible, Settings -> Show Segment Parameters will bring it back (but it should be there by default).

The quickest way to make a single repeated chunk into a proper segment is to double-click on it.


oh ok. this was like what i used in logic way back when. i was able to have the repeated objects individual copies or linked duplicates (aliases). this was really handy for beats etc so only changing copy was necessary. i would like ardour to eventually support this :slight_smile: