Simple crop/delete tasks

(Podperson) #1

Just moved from Audacity to Ardour and I can’t figure out how to simply delete portion of tracks.

In Audacity, selecting and deleting joins up the audio on either side, but Ardour replaces the deleted segment with silence.

I can’t see any instructions for this in the manual, but I assume it’s easy to do somehow.

Any tips?

(Robin Gareus) #2

While it may seem obvious for a single track in a soundfile editor (like Audiacity), this is not a common operation in a multi-track DAW.

e.g. if you remove 00:00:45:00 to 00:00:50:00 of your guitar solo. the rest of of the solo after 00:00:50:00 should still be in sync with all other other tracks an not move.

That being said, there are a couple of ways to achieve what you want.

  • remove time on all selected track at a give position. -> select tracks (click in the track-header, left side of the editor) then Menu > Track > Remove time (example here: insert-time: )


  • change edit more to “Ripple” top left in the editor there’s the “Edit Mode” (slide, ripple, lock). In Ripple edit mode all changes are applied to the current region and all later regions. When deleting a range (or region) all later regions are moved backwards by the amount


  • afterselect two (or more) regions Menu > Region > Edit > Close Gaps (also available in the context-menu) to close the gap after the fact, optionally with cross-fades for a smooth transition
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(Podperson) #3

Thanks Robin

That’s 90% of my editing tasks!

Doesn’t look like Ardour is much use to me, unfortunately.

(Robin Gareus) #4

Ripple mode should do the trick, then.

but yes, if you’re mainly doing single-track destructive edits, a DAW is not the right tool.