Silence track when another one is playing sound

I’m trying to set up Ardour for online guitar lessons. I have two audio tracks, one for the guitar (electric, passing though my pedals and sent to Guitarix for amp sim) and one for the microphone (chat only).

What I’d like to do is somehow mute the mic track when I start playing the guitar so that the mic doesn’t pick the raw guitar sound. I tried adding a noise gate but I can’t find a threshold where only my voice is passing through without me yelling…

Any native way or a plugin to achieve something like this?

Try sidechaining a compressor off your guitar channel. You may need to set up a seperate bus to process the guitar audio that doesn’t go out to the master, but just feeds that sidechain, and then compress/gate the hell out of it, and use that to feed the sidechain on the vocal channel.

This will act as a ducker on your vocal channel as a result, pushing down that volume while playing the guitar, but then when not playing the guitar the gate cuts off the sidechain signal, allowing your vocal to pass through.


Didn’t think about sidechaining a compressor but it indeed works great, thanks for the tip!

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