silence break and subscription

Hi all,

I don´t understand really, how I simply get rid off the silence break.

I would like to do some tests and want to spend the minimum amount to do this step.

Can someone explain me more in detail, how I subscribe and what the 1$ subscription means exactly? Is ist limited? Does it end after a month or so?

Thank you! Isa

The Downloads page has a subscribe button. It also has answers to some of your questions.

Subscribing means you pay $1 (or whatever amount you choose, for example I’m in for $10) every month and are entitled to download any unrestricted version of Ardour, including bleeding-edge ‘nightly builds’, as often as you like.

You can also pay just once (again the minimum is $1) for exactly one download of the fully working current released version of Ardour. That’s the absolute cheapest way to get a fully working version of Ardour. After that you are entitled to no further downloads, and you can’t access the nighly builds, but of course you can alway pay $1 again to download again, e.g. the next release when it comes out.

Your unrestricted version of Ardour, paid for in either of these ways, remains unrestricted frorever. It does not revert to ‘demo mode’ after a month, if that’s what you’re asking.

When you install the full working version, make sure you remove the ‘demo’ version. I think the installation script may ask if you want it to do that for you.

This is not about value for money, of course. Ardour is worth far more than $1 and it is hoped that users will subscribe for a sensible amount in order to help support the development of Ardour, based on what they can afford and what it’s worth to them. Unlike most other large free software projects, Ardour is not developed by people in the pay of large software companies, but it is a full time job for Paul (if we pay him enough!)

anahata: thanks for the excellent and accurate description. much appreciated.


Reccomend a borrowing of Anahata’s post to go on the top of the download page:)


Feel free, but you’d better correct ‘nighly’ and ‘frorever’ :slight_smile: