Sidewalk (Chick Corea Electrik Band cover)

New recording: Sidewalk, by the Chick Corea Electrik Band.

A finally took a little break from video game music… With the passing of Chick Corea I started listening to his music again, which gave me the idea for this recording. I search the web for some MIDI files and chose this one since it is probably the easiest Corea song I will ever find. :slight_smile: So, a lot of the credit goes to whomever did the MIDI programming: Chick Corea Free Midi Songs. (I changed it a lot, but I could not have done it from scratch.)

I used Vitalium and Yoshimi for the synths. DrumGizmo (CrocellKit) for drums, and recorded the guitars. Most notably, it is my first recording with Tamgamp. I quite like it!

This time I did the MIDI editing in Ardour itself (I usually use Muse for that) and it worked well. Of course, mixing and mastering was done in Ardour with the usual suspects: LSP, x42, OvertoneDSP, and u-he. (Unfortunately, I can’t blame the bad mix on the tools…) :slight_smile:

I had some problems with Ardour in the process, but Paul and x42 provided excellent support as always!

Some more details about it all here.

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