Sidestep problems of Windows port?

As I’ve browsed the forums, the question “Can Ardour be ported to Linux?” pops up again and again. It has been reiterated that there is a Windows port, but it is not being released. The reasons not to do so (and they are very good reasons) are that the multitude of Windows users will not be literate enough to understand the program, that they will just add an unnecessary load on the servers, that they will freak out at the smallest bug, and so on. My question is, if the source code for Windows has been completely created (which it seemed to me from the responses on the forums that it had), then why not just release the source code for the Windows port so that only those who possess the skill (elementary though it may be) to compile code will be able to use it? This group will have much fewer users and fewer problems with Ardour, while those in the forums asking for a Windows port would shut up. I realize that I am one of those people. If I’m missing anything, someone please tell me, but I see nothing wrong with this.

You are missing something, look in recent threads on this topic for some posts by John E.


Oh. Wow I feel stupid. I’m just getting started with programming and I didn’t realize how hard it would be. Maybe someday I can develop a little for the project.

My suggestion would be to pick a bug in Mantis, recreate it, and start investigating it to find its cause and how to fix it. Submit a patch and move on to the next one, not only will you be helping the project but you will learn a bunch about Ardour at the same time.