SideChain sends dissapear when using Safe Mode

Hi. This is an issue I’ve just discovered. I’m using Ardour 6.9.0 and have some Sidechain Compression on several tracks. I started the program with Safe Mode, in order to re-record some vocal parts without plugins so the latency would be minimized. But the problem came when I started again in normal mode and discovered that all my Sidechain Sends were gone. Thankfully, I had an earlier snapshot that I could use for finding my missing sidechains. Otherwise It would have been a lot of work and a waste of time to figure it out. I’m reporting this for the development of new versions of Ardour, to take into account this issue.
Thanks guys

If the latency is caused by compensating for plugin-delays, you could disable plugin-delay compensation instead (PDC):

Preferences > Apperance > Toolbar > Display Latency Compensation Info

This will add a button to the toolbar to disable PDC (Ardour assumes all plugins have zero latency).

However this will not help if latent plugins are in the record → monitor path.

Indeed that is a nasty bug. I just reproduced it, both with manually added sidechain as well as with plugins that directly provide a SC.

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PS. No need to file a bug report, this was just fixed in 7.0-pre0-2287.


Happy to hear this is gonna be fixed in 7.0 release. Thanks dude.

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