Sidechain EQ "TheMasker"

in March '24 students of Milan University in Italy published this promising vst3 plugin:

I installed it using my well running yabridge, it opens correctly, but it’s unusable, the gui doesn’t react on any action :neutral_face:
my environment: most actual Archlinux, Ardour 8.6, Jack.
Any hint much appreciated

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Here is the full list of those study projects:

A quick search for „thamasker“ on GitHub brought up thin repository:

The user Amadeo98/Amadeo Fresia seems to have been part of the team working on this assignment at LIM Milano.

You could try to build the old project from GitHub or ask for a Linux port. If he has time and motivation, maybe he will build a native Linux version?

Just a way I would approach this, instead of relying on a bridge.

I suggest you ask the yabridge developer on his discord channel.