Side scroll works in Linux but not Windows

I have Ardour installed on Ubuntu Studio, Windows 10 and Windows 11. I have a mouse that has horizontal scrolling capabilities. Side scroll works on Linux but not on either version of Windows. Is this a Windows problem or an Ardour Problem? Are there solutions?

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I have the same problem.
Side scroll works for me in Triskel and Linux Mint, but not in Windows 10.
LM and Win10 run from separate SSD’s on the same PC, even, so the same hardware (Lenovo T530 - I scroll with the trackpoint).

Does it work in other applications on Windows?

Ardour itself does not support middle-mouse click+pan, it relies on the OS or driver to provide X/Y scroll events. – Touch-point X/Y scroll is usually provided by hardware/firmware on thinkpads.

Yes horizontal scroll works in Inkscape and gimp on windows.

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