SID-emulation softsynth?

Because a SIDStation is much too expensive for me… Does anybody know of a good SID-emulation-soft-synth?

Thanks a lot.

PS: Linux, of course…


Thanks! I’ll try it next week. (I’m currently busy in finishing a track for a battle…) :slight_smile:

nice find, i had a quick google search yesterday but didnt come up with anything. Im gonna give this a shot.

I tried to compile the software but it gave me an arror i couldnt figure out so gave up. anyway if anyone else has any luck. feel free to posthere

It would be very useful if you post the error message…

OK, I’m encountering several errors here, too. Currently trying to fix it. Will post my changes later…

OK, my changes that makes it build (all in the src directory):

Added #include to header.

Changes to Makefile (also in src):

because I compiled resid from source

$(shell pkg-config jack --libs)
$(shell pkg-config glib-2.0 --libs)
$(shell pkg-config jack --libs)
$(shell pkg-config glib-2.0 --libs)
-lresid -lstdc++ -lm

Deleted the line

Now it compiles and linkes at least. Haven’t tried to run it, yet…

I think all other conditional links should also be done via LDLIBS and not via LDFLAGS, but now it compiles and I am lazy. :slight_smile:

The include should of course be
#inlcude <cstdio>
It was misinterpreted as a HTML-tag.
And the Makefile lines followed by \ should be indented by a tab…

Doesn’t work here. Crashes immediately after starting.

If I understood it right, there arent’t any LFOs or modulations possible with this synth, so it is of limited use for me even if it would work…

Someone on IRC (#opensourcemusicians) installed it successfully and said they were enjoying it. I haven’t tried it myself. You can technically write a preset script that would automate parameters, but I doubt thats what you’re really looking for.