Showing mixer strips

I am pretty new to Ardour, though I’ve used other DAWs such as Logic, Reaper, LMMS.

I have using a Trial version to get to figure out what it does. I have now succeeded in importing some Midi tracks, and I can play them back, but I want to pan each track individually.

I can only see one mixer strip - the master channel strip. Surely it should be possible to see all the strips somehow. I think even Garageband does that.

I can see how to pan the master strip left/right - but I really need to sell all the strips together. There shouldn’t be too many perhaps 4 at the most.

Switch to “Mixer” view, either by pressing the button in the upper right or typing ALT + M.

Top right corner, you’ll see buttons for “Rec”, “Edit”, “Mix”, etc… Click on “Mix”.

Also, you could also enable “View > Show Editor Mixer”

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Thanks. I’m using MacOS. I am starting to see the mixer strips now - and also now able to detach the Mixer Window.

A bit more fiddling around should hopefully get this up and working, then I’ll pay the subscription.

I can now repeatedly see the Mixer strips - so I’m almost there regarding getting familiarity with Ardour.
I can also pan left/right which is what I wanted to be able to do.

One thing I haven’t figured is how to actually see the Midi tracks (or indeed any tracks…) once I’ve imported external files.

In other DAWs I can see the tracks, move them around, edit them, trim them etc. I’ve not figured that in Ardour yet. Must be easy, surely!!???

That would be edit mode, referenced above:

Ardour manual

On Youtube find some Ardour tutorials by Unfa (e.g. Ardour MIDI masterclass)
Or, if you understand Polish, on my channel as well.

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