Show pan and width as poti + see thru measure lines

Maybe for any future version:

Is it possible to get one (balance) or two (equal power incl. width) pots instead of the slider?

2nd: Is it possible to lower the alpha of the measure lines? Like to 50% to just get the idea of their position, but don’t let them disturb the overview?

1) no. unless you want to reimplement the panners.

2) this link shows you the names of the colors in the theme used by the stereo panner: You can definitely reset the colors from the Ardour GUI itself; changing the alpha is a bit trickier and likely requires editing the color theme file for the theme you use.

Is it possible for you to implement a pan option in any upcoming versions?

  1. On a stereo-track? you can get one balance control (right click on the panner).

What’s the use-case of two separate equal-power (distribute L to L+R and R to L+R). Are you looking for a fancy comb-filter?

No, I like potentiometers instead of sliders. Quicker overview for my eyes/brain. Like these:

Logic / Mixbus / Reaper:

When I compare big sessions in Ardour to others, I need much more time to get a quick panning overview. Here some Screenshots JUST AS EXAMPLES. Sorry for big pictures.