Shortcut to switch solo between consecutive tracks?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to quickly switch solo mode between consecutive tracks? I have multiple takes of a part I want to comp and wondered if any key combos would help me quickly audition short sections of each take to find the best bits.
Many thanks

You can enable “Exclusive Solo mode” in the Preferences → Monitoring. That’ll do just what you want.

if you havle enabled the monitoring section of the mixer, there’s a button to activate it there as well.

Thanks very much Vincent. I will give it a try shortly

Hi again
I enabled Exclusive Solo in the preferences. I dont know how to show the monitoring section in the mixer. I could move up and down the tracks with alt+arrows but the solo didn’t move with the selected track. Have I misunderstood? Is there something else i must do?
Many thanks

There is no “solo follows selection” option.

Exclusive solo means that if you have track A soloed, then you solo track B, track B will be unsoloed.

To do what you want, move the mouse between the two tracks’ solo buttons.

Monitor section is in Session > Properties (it’s a per-session property, not something global to the application)

Thanks very much Paul

Yes thats exactly what I’m after. Thanks again :smiley:

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