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Over the last years, I have use Ardour with some pleasure. Though, one pb annoys me is when I want to pump up the volume of a region. It’s written Alt+6 but these shortcut key don’t have any effect on the region. Everytime, i have to go in the dropdown menu, and it’s quite penible as we say in french.
Thx if any clue what I could do ?
My system has always been Fedora (always last upgrade).
Have a nice day !

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I never experienced this problem, using both ALT+6 and ALT+7 extensively on both Ubuntu Studio and Manjaro Linux.

Could it be that there is a conflicting system shortcut bound to ALT+6 on Fedora?

Hi! Nice feature! Thanks! In my case everything works well: Ardour 6.9 and 7.0.158(Nightly). (Ubuntu 22.04)

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Tastybud, I guess you are using a french keyboard (“AZERTY”). Numbers on an Azerty keyboard are accessed with a SHIFT key modifier (eg. “6” is SHIFT + “-”). The keyboard shortcuts are supposed to be used on Qwerty keyboards where the number keys are directly accessible. That makes most number shortcuts unusable on azerty keyboards unfortunately.
That said, you can reassign a shortcut in Ardour quite easily : go to Window > Keyboard Shortcuts (or Fenêtre > Raccourcis clavier in french), then go in the “Editor” tab, Region > Increase gain (or Region > Augmenter le gain), double click “increase gain”/“Augmenter le gain” then type the “ALT” and “6” keys to affect ALT + “-” (as the “6” key without SHIFT is “-”).

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Thx @Headwar you guessed right :wink: ! Pb solved easily.

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