Shortcut for default note velocity

Here is what I would like to do: I would like to have simple keyboard shortcuts for the default velocity of new MIDI notes. (Like four different keys for four different velocities.)

This way, when drawing the notes with the mouse, my left hand could select a few different set velocities before drawing, saving me the time of having to modify them after the fact.

Unless I missed something, there are no such shortcuts already. Is this something that could possibly be done with Lua (and then assign those commands to keyboard shortcuts)? If so, can someone point me in the right direction on how to script it?

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There are no keys for fixed velocity values.

There are no actions to modify the “velocity” setting in use when drawing notes.


It occured to me that you might want to check out Step Entry (right click on the rec-enable button for the track). Our implementation is based on the one in Logic Pro, there are shortcuts for all kinds of things

Documentation is here: The Ardour Manual - Step Entry

Thanks, Paul!

That is very interesting… I wanted a sort of hybrid way, where I could still use the mouse to place the notes, but use my left hand to select duration and velocity. (This does not seem to work. When I enter step entry, I cannot use the mouse anymore.) Any chance that this could be implemented in the future?

But maybe with some practice, step entry might work well.

Thanks, again!

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Luis - I am sorry, I “lied”.

Take a look in Window > Keyboard Shortcuts → Editor and find the “Draw Velocity” sublist. You can set shortcuts for any velocity at all.

These bindings ought to be moved to the MIDI tab, however, which I may try to do before version 8.0 …


That’s perfect! It was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the support (and for Ardour, of course)!

Last night, I moved these actions under the MIDI tab, so just be aware of that small change to come …


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